We’re headed home today, taking the long way through Natchitoches to see more family. We found this place off the side of 190 and just had to stop. We bought spicy boiled green peanuts. They were delicious and soft and reminded me of the texture of the green almonds we ate years ago at the…

A perfect New Orleans morning.

True to form, our perfect Nola morning takes place in the early afternoon. We’re at Morning Call in Metarie, trying their étouffée for the first time and eating all the beignets. There’s powdered sugar all over the table and floor and we love it.


I’m pretty sure this was my first time making enchiladas. Unfortunately, I let this momentous happening pass without getting a good picture, because I had just about enough energy to make the things but not enough to do anything else. Logan heated up the leftover refried beans and made cilantro rice. He had also already…

Soup’s on!

Actually, stock. Stock’s on, because I think we’ll be needing a good bit of it for Thanksgiving cookery, which will start in earnest TOMORROW. Today we slept in, and then went and had a ridiculously good lunch at La Casita. For the second week in a row, they totally blew us away with their chilaquiles….

Taco Night

You’re probably wondering how Gringo Taco worked out. Deliciously, thanks! The leftover braised chicken was terrific reheated. Logan used leftover rice to make a mustard rice, which is a really simple dish—you just take some mustard, heat it in a skillet, and then add your leftover rice. Stir to coat and warm the rice through….

Braising, by ME!

I am seriously pumped about how last night’s dinner turned out. Not only did I try a new (to me) method, braising, I also juggled two recipes at the same time. AND this was made entirely from things we had in our refrigerator! That last is a big step for me, as I’m pretty bad…

The Burlap Bag and Frozen Rickshaw

I feel like those names could just as easily be bands that I’ve never heard of playing somewhere on Red River tonight. I did make it to the Burlap Bag yesterday. It’s a cute store. Not a ton of stuff, but most of what they do have is handmade here in Austin. I found a…