Soup’s on!

Actually, stock. Stock’s on, because I think we’ll be needing a good bit of it for Thanksgiving cookery, which will start in earnest TOMORROW.

Stock's on!

Today we slept in, and then went and had a ridiculously good lunch at La Casita. For the second week in a row, they totally blew us away with their chilaquiles. This time, we tried them with the rojo and the verde sauce done divorciados, and each sauce was one of the better renditions of its type we’ve had in town. I’m thrilled we finally tried La Casita out! They’re only a mile or so from our house, so I have no idea how we’d avoided going sooner.

Chilaquiles at La Casita

Then we went on the East Austin Studio Tour again. It was tremendously cold here, gray and in the 30’s, so we bundled up and enjoyed being outside between studios. Lord knows it’ll be 90 again here before too long. Benjamin Frisch drew a caricature of us. My first!

Caricature of Us by Benjamin Frisch

A good Saturday. And now I get to enjoy a Logan-cooked meal.


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