The Burlap Bag and Frozen Rickshaw

I feel like those names could just as easily be bands that I’ve never heard of playing somewhere on Red River tonight.

I did make it to the Burlap Bag yesterday. It’s a cute store. Not a ton of stuff, but most of what they do have is handmade here in Austin. I found a nice Hanukkah gift for a certain someone and will definitely be back again before Christmas.

The Burlap Bag

Parked just outside is an adorable Japanese-esqe trailer that sells homemade mochi and waffles and ice cream. It’s called the Frozen Rickshaw, and here is a bad picture of it. (I clearly need to work on my photography.)

the Frozen Rickshaw

I ate a red bean mochi ice cream, which was delicious though it needed almost 10 minutes to come up to eating temperature. They must have a blast freezer in there! The girl working there was super sweet, though – while I waited for my mochi to warm up a little she gave me a teeny red velvet cupcake.

I’m feeling drugged today. My words aren’t combining elegantly and my mind is fuzzy. I think Fatty might have slipped me a mickey.

Maybe a walk down to HEB will help.

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