Lazy Sunday

Woke up early because of Daylight Savings Time. Poor Logan has been sick, which is awesome timing since the project he’s working on starts filming tomorrow. He gets to start at 4:30 in the morning! WHEE! We went to Hot Breads, a favorite Indian joint, for dosas and iddli. So you get another picture of…

Lunching with Nana

Spent today wandering Old Town Alexandria with Nana! Stopped in for a lunch at La Madeline, where I weaseled a smile out of her. (It wasn’t difficult.)

Now we’re truly in Delmarva.

Oh yeah. I’d like a masterclass in how to break these bad boys down, though! We also got some oysters from Virginia and Long Island. And now I’m stuffed and we’re running late!

I nom. You nom. He, she, it noms.

So now we’re all supposed to talk like children? Why can’t this sign say “snacks” or “comestibles” or “treats”? We all have to nom our nommy nomnoms and like it?

Jimmy John’s

all right! I’m putting this “super fast delivery” to the test with a turkey sammich. It’s 12.42 and I’m just pressed the “order” button. dun dun… dun dun… dundundundundun 12.53 and nothing?! These commercials are MISLEADING. 12.56 OMG I am holding a sandwich, a pickle, and something called Thinny Chips. Thank you, JJ! Low blood…

I want to learn to see food like Jacques P├ępin.

More often than not, I prefer simple, straightforward food that can be prepared quickly. My wife, Gloria, and I often go out together to do errands or shopping, which usually takes longer than we planned. So we come home hungry. The first thing I do is put a pot of water on to boil. Only…


Funny how this looks like a lot more food AFTER I’ve eaten it. A bit too much value for my money, not that I am complaining. Exactly. Thanks for the tasties, Hanabi!

BLAMMO! Beans!

I’m a super-impatient cook, when I cook at all. I quickly get discouraged with chopping and simmering and adjusting flavors. And forget baking! So this is perfect for my slapdash style of cooking. Green beans, tossed with olive oil and a generous pinch of salt. Roasted at 425F for about 15 minutes. I would have…