Taco Night

You’re probably wondering how Gringo Taco worked out.

Deliciously, thanks!

Gringo Taco

The leftover braised chicken was terrific reheated. Logan used leftover rice to make a mustard rice, which is a really simple dish—you just take some mustard, heat it in a skillet, and then add your leftover rice. Stir to coat and warm the rice through. If you want, you can fancy this up by softening some onions in a little oil first, before the mustard step, but it isn’t necessary. I think Logan added some onion powder instead.

The refried beans were from Central Market and were kinda weird chili-powdery, but not bad. Add HEB’s That Green Sauce and Royito’s Hot Sauce for some kick, chopped red onions, cilantro and a baby greens mix for crunch and flavor, and serve on Paqui’s Tortillas (which are really great—I re-upped yesterday on their Pumpkin and Roasted Jalapeño flavors—and non-GMO to boot), and you have a fine taco and a terrific Wednesday meal.

COLD today! 40 degrees and raining! I love it, but that’s just because I’m lucky enough to be able to enjoy it from inside the house.

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