Pride (and lack thereof)

Thing I’m proud of:

I made actual dinner last night! Yes, I used some leftovers Logan had made (the polenta and that delicious mushroom sauce). Yes, I am aware that it looks more than a little like a TV dinner. Yes, I know this is an evil Western-style meal so we’ll probably both get, like, cancer or something. But! Dinner! On the table within 15 minutes of Logan getting home, and he didn’t even have to worry about it!

Rachel Dinner

Unfortunately, with great pride comes a great downfall. To be fair, a minor, but embarrassing downfall. Sigh. Between wedding travel and illness and, well, general laziness, I haven’t been to my amazing barre class in almost a month. I went back today. Made the reservation, picked up a car2go, and went.

Car2Go on Justin Lane

I made it about a third of the way into the hour-long class before I started to feel nauseous. This happens fairly often when I exercise, actually, and I’m guessing is a combination of my dual tendencies towards low blood pressure and hypoglycemia. So I took a glug of my electrolyte beverage and resolved to fix my eyes on a static spot during my dips and lunges. Only my tricks didn’t help this time. I plugged away for another 20 minutes or so, hoping things would get better, but then the whole room started to go white and I broke out in a cold, beady sweat, so I left (as calmly as I could) to put my head between my knees for a bit. Feeling better, I went back into the class, but made it less than a minute before the world began to fade again.

So I left. Dammit. I asked the studio’s owner to make my apologies to the instructor and walked, slowly, to the nearest car2go (which by this time was 3/4 of a mile away, great).

Oh, and on the way, some woman in a big taupe SUV flipped me off as I crossed the street because apparently I was impeding her (unprotected) left turn. Yay, world. Thanks!

Tonight’s dinner: something involving this delicious ham I have defrosting. I’m hoping for another victory to cleanse the stain of defeat.

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  1. emc says:

    Blurg! Is this the crap we have to look forward to at this age? Well, mazel on the dinner-making. I haven’t made anything that didn’t come out of a Trader Joe’s can or bag in 4 months.

    1. Classy Otter says:

      Ugh, I hope not but am afraid so. And you remind me that I have to get back to Trader Joe’s soon! Their mango/ginger chutney plus some good cheddar makes a terrific sandwich.

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