I’m pretty sure this was my first time making enchiladas. Unfortunately, I let this momentous happening pass without getting a good picture, because I had just about enough energy to make the things but not enough to do anything else. Logan heated up the leftover refried beans and made cilantro rice.

He had also already taken care of the most difficult part, the chicken-shredding. This is the meat from the weekend’s chicken carcass, which he picked off and bagged. It’s also where the whole enchilada idea got started, because shredded chicken enchiladas are delicious. I combined the chicken with onions I softened and browned a bit in a mix of butter and walnut oil as well as a double handful of kale, which I added off the heat and stirred until wilted. I also stirred in a couple of big glugs of Royito’s because I like it.

I made the enchilada sauce following this recipe, because we had everything on hand (here’s to Rotel!) and it seemed super easy. It was that, as well as being really tasty and full of flavor. I topped the whole thing with about an ounce of shredded cheddar cheese.

Here’s my picture, of the leftovers.


I’m cooking for Thanksgiving right now. Just made a batch of ginger and curry candied almonds from Saveur. Then, on to dinner. Gah, how do people do this every day?!



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