Braising, by ME!

I am seriously pumped about how last night’s dinner turned out. Not only did I try a new (to me) method, braising, I also juggled two recipes at the same time. AND this was made entirely from things we had in our refrigerator! That last is a big step for me, as I’m pretty bad with both leftovers and recipe modification. Thanks, Crystal, for keeping me sane while I worked on this!

Braised Chicken with Mushrooms, Sage, and Lemon (based on this recipe, except I used two leg/thigh quarters, browned some sliced mushrooms after browning the chicken, used sage instead of thyme, and omitted the capers ), served with 101 Cookbooks’ Simple Cauliflower Recipe as written  and leftover barley that Logan mixed with a bit of yogurt to make creamy.

braised chicken with cauliflower and barley


YES! I’m definitely saving both of those recipes. They were both delicious, simple enough for me to easily follow, and didn’t need any extra modifications besides a little salt. Great flavors!

Note: I need to learn to break down a cauliflower, as the method I used last night (poking at it with a chef’s knife until florets started to fall off) was inefficient and took five-ever.

I just put our nice down comforter into the duvet cover on our bed, now that it’s November and we’re supposed to have lows in the 30’s later this week. It turns out our duvet cover (this, in amethyst) actually has the little ties in the corners to keep a comforter from slipping—BUT our comforter doesn’t have the associated loops! I’ve ordered comforter clips, but I’m wondering if sewing a ribbon across the corners of the comforter might have made more sense? For now, I’ve just tied the corners of the comforter to the duvet. Hopefully that’ll keep it in place.

Back to laundry! Dinner tonight: meat from last night’s leftover chicken legs shredded for tacos. We have refried beans, avocados, and greens, so! Gringo-style taco!

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