We’re headed home today, taking the long way through Natchitoches to see more family. We found this place off the side of 190 and just had to stop. We bought spicy boiled green peanuts. They were delicious and soft and reminded me of the texture of the green almonds we ate years ago at the…

A perfect New Orleans morning.

True to form, our perfect Nola morning takes place in the early afternoon. We’re at Morning Call in Metarie, trying their étouffée for the first time and eating all the beignets. There’s powdered sugar all over the table and floor and we love it.

Soup’s on!

Actually, stock. Stock’s on, because I think we’ll be needing a good bit of it for Thanksgiving cookery, which will start in earnest TOMORROW. Today we slept in, and then went and had a ridiculously good lunch at La Casita. For the second week in a row, they totally blew us away with their chilaquiles….

The Burlap Bag and Frozen Rickshaw

I feel like those names could just as easily be bands that I’ve never heard of playing somewhere on Red River tonight. I did make it to the Burlap Bag yesterday. It’s a cute store. Not a ton of stuff, but most of what they do have is handmade here in Austin. I found a…


I am lucky that we can afford a housekeeper every two weeks. She takes a lot of pressure off me! I’m fine with picking stuff up and occasionally wiping down surfaces, but I am SO thankful to have someone else scrub the bathtub. When Norma comes, I make myself as scarce as I can. With…

Lazy Sunday

Woke up early because of Daylight Savings Time. Poor Logan has been sick, which is awesome timing since the project he’s working on starts filming tomorrow. He gets to start at 4:30 in the morning! WHEE! We went to Hot Breads, a favorite Indian joint, for dosas and iddli. So you get another picture of…

Lunching with Nana

Spent today wandering Old Town Alexandria with Nana! Stopped in for a lunch at La Madeline, where I weaseled a smile out of her. (It wasn’t difficult.)

Now we’re truly in Delmarva.

Oh yeah. I’d like a masterclass in how to break these bad boys down, though! We also got some oysters from Virginia and Long Island. And now I’m stuffed and we’re running late!


Funny how this looks like a lot more food AFTER I’ve eaten it. A bit too much value for my money, not that I am complaining. Exactly. Thanks for the tasties, Hanabi!