Lazy Sunday

Woke up early because of Daylight Savings Time. Poor Logan has been sick, which is awesome timing since the project he’s working on starts filming tomorrow. He gets to start at 4:30 in the morning! WHEE!

We went to Hot Breads, a favorite Indian joint, for dosas and iddli. So you get another picture of Logan jamming food in his face in a humorous fashion.

Logan with Dosa

They have several delicious specials on the weekends, and the green lentil dosa with upma is a favorite.

Then we checked out Feliz, a pop-up sale downtown that was unpleasantly crowded. Some cute items, but everything was really expensive and there’s an unfortunate sameness to a lot of indie jewelry design. The few pieces I did like were way out of my jewelry price range, and I’m also in BURN EVERYTHING mode at home. purge-time!

Back home, where we’ve been catching up on the Amazing Race and Logan’s braising some chicken. I’m not ready to start the week yet.

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  1. emc says:

    So…we *aren’t* supposed to be turned on by that picture of Logan eating a dosa? Just checking.

    1. Classy Otter says:

      no, you certainly can! Lord knows I did. 🙂

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