Why I don’t have a fashion blog.

This post is brought to you by selfie, The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year!


So, why don’t I have a fashion blog, anyway? Let’s see… here you can easily see my predilection for comfy Euro-style shoes, love of jeans, and dislike of doing anything with my hair beyond letting it air-dry and scrunching it. I do like makeup, but I don’t much know what to do with it. And I LOVE fun accessories, but I wear the same few things all the time. 

Not to mention the fact that in order to have a good area for staging style photographs, I’d actually have to take that pile of clothes to Goodwill and fold all the blankets and whatnot on the guest bed. And probably get someone else to take the photos. And learn photoshop. And BUY photoshop, though this subscription program that includes all the updates looks pretty cool.

Oh! Then there’s my scrunched-up face. Let’s leave that aside for now.

For now, I’ll keep following style bloggers who focus on attainable looks, like Kendi at Kendi Everyday or Jessica at What I Wore. I’m open to new suggestions, though I can’t handle bloggers whose outfits cost $6000 or who always wear ridiculously uncomfortable-looking shoes… that is clearly never going to be me, and I get aspiration-induced headaches when I look at their posts.

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