We’re so lucky this year! Due apparently to the rain over the last month, our trees have enough energy to keep their leaves while they’re changing color, rather than just dropping them at the first sign of cool weather.

Yesterday I walked almost 4 miles to get some ground coffee. Unbelievably, this didn’t even get me up to 10,000 steps. Sometimes my fitbit can be incredibly discouraging, you know? Anyway, it was in the 80s outside and kinda stuffy. The weather was a little threatening, but the trees were gorgeous!


A cold front came though last night around 2:30. The winds were intense and the cats were unhappy. They both climbed into bed with us and tried to sit on my arms. I kept an eye on the weather apps on my phone, and the temperature dropped over 20 degrees in less than an hour!

Today, it’s gray and wet and struggling to get back up to 40 degrees. The rain comes in waves of big, fluffy drops that look almost like sleet, though I don’t think it’s quite cold enough for that. I love it from inside my cozy house, with cats clinging to me whenever I move, but am kind of sad for Logan; this weekend is week 2 of the East Austin Studio Tour, which is much more pleasant when the weather is agreeable.


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