I want to learn to see food like Jacques Pépin.

More often than not, I prefer simple, straightforward food that can be prepared quickly. My wife, Gloria, and I often go out together to do errands or shopping, which usually takes longer than we planned. So we come home hungry. The first thing I do is put a pot of water on to boil. Only then do I take off my jacket and raid the refrigerator for vegetables. By the time I’ve grated some zucchini, carrots, and onions—and whatever else I might find—the water is boiling. The grated vegetables cook in moments; I add some instant grits and chopped salad greens for body, and presto: we have homemade soup.

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  1. cryskie says:

    This sounds like Kate. So resourceful and knowledgeable.

    1. Classy Otter says:

      EXACTLY! I’m afraid of things that aren’t recipes or that are more than one step long! I need to stop being so AFRAID of food.

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