Ugh Dammit.

I’m sick! Here’s hoping it’s a nothing 24-hour type under the weather whatever, because thanksgiving! This week! Augh!

I’m drinking a big tall glass of my antioxidant tea. Thankfully, there’s some left. I’d make more, but there is absolutely nowhere to put it in the fridge! We’re heaving with Thanksgiving stuff around here. Last night, Logan made the beet dip from Jerusalem, which is such a gorgeous color and delicious to boot. He also made sausage balls for the first time ever, which turned out super tasty but flattened a little bit in the oven. Not sure why.

It won’t get out of the 30s today, so it would be a great day to stay inside and keep warm and focus on getting better, except I’m feeling guilty that I’m not getting things done. I have some homework I’ve been given in the form of a couple of recipes to make, but those can wait until tomorrow. I have to mail off Hanukkah gifts, but I’m still waiting on one to get here. I have to get cat food and litter. Ugh.

I guess tomorrow will just be a busy one.

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