They call ’em fingers, but I never seen ’em fing.

Trying out a new method of polish removal I’ve seen around the blogosphere. Soak cotton pads in a bit of nail polish remover, apply to fingertips, secure with rubber band, wait a few minutes and remove cotton pads and hopefully all your old polish.

Verdict – it seems to work OK, though the rubber bands cut off the circulation in my fingertips and make them feel cold. So, so cold.

At least I look super awesome! Especially when I had these on all ten toes. Maybe that’ll be my Halloween costume! The HOBBLEMONSTER.


Color to Come – Essie It’s Genius. Unless “violet quartz shimmer with beige undertones” makes me look like a vampyr, which I think would be a little uncomfortable at my cousin’s wedding this weekend.

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  1. afreshcoat says:

    I use foil–doesn’t cut off your circulation! 🙂

    1. Classy Otter says:

      ahHA! you are smart! I will have to try this next time. At the salon, they have those pre-cut foil things… I wonder if I can find them at stores?

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