Belize, Day 3: Eatings!

We started the day in a relaxing way, downing a platter of tropical fruits. This may have been less relaxing for Logan and Beth, who prepped the whole thing.

Clockwise from upper left: passionfruit, soursop, and custard apple.

Ami got out of the pool for three whole minutes to eat some pineapple.

The baby’s favorite was the soursop, which tastes like a blend of strawberry and banana with maybe a hint of guava.

Logan and Asa went out into the ocean, where the sea grass is plentiful and something stabbed Logan in the foot.

For lunch, Logan and GQ went into the nearby town of Seine Bight and bought food that reminded us how close we are to the Yucatán. They sold Caribbean/Belizean favorites like fry jacks (fried wheat pockets sometimes filled with savory or sweet foods) and fry tacos, but also Yucatecan foods like salbutes, garnachas, and tamales stuffed into banana leaves.

Respect the town, y’all.

All of the food was delicious! Geeka especially like the tiny rolled fish tacos. I think I ate most of the tamales by myself. My first bite had an entire chicken back in it and I spent the next few minutes spitting out ribs and teeny vertebrae.

A morning like this calls for a round of afternoon naps!

After naps, Logan and GQ went on an excursion to pick up a few foods for dinner. Because Logan was involved, they also ended up in a very kind lady’s kitchen buying a big unmarked jar of recado, a Belizean spice paste made of annatto cooked down with spices. Recado is a staple ingredient around here and gives lots of dishes their glorious red hue.

Logan and GQ also tracked down a man named Big Beck, who they’d heard made amazing lobster sausage. They found him at the local soccer stadium (along with 80 percent of the town) and somehow persuaded him into leaving, accompanying them to his house, and waiting outside while he went in and showered (?!) and re-emerged with a bag of beautiful sausage.

Meanwhile, Beth, the kiddos, and I were at home wondering what the heck was going on. Ami enjoyed several popsicles.

When they got home, Logan used his new recado and all of his seafood from Jack on the previous day to make a beautiful stew.

Ami of course ate three bites of rice and announced herself done, while Asa ate a bunch of the rice with sauce, some of the crab, half a banana, etc etc etc. In this picture he’s mad because we weren’t making with the food quickly enough for his taste.

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