Belize, Day Two: Beach Babies

Day Two: Relax! And drive.

It turns out our Maya Beach house is about 25 minutes up the road from the nearest town of any size, Placencia. Somehow, Logan made three round trips into Placencia on Sunday, to shop for food, pick up lunch, and then pick up dinner.

You have to drive through the airport to get there. Don’t try to go around the gate — if it’s down, it’s because a plane is landing or taking off.

We grabbed lunch from The Vine and a much-needed almost-frozen limeade from the stand next door.

Unfortunately, it was a little early to start drinking (we do have the kids here, after all).

Not to worry, we did get in plenty of swimming and naps. The baby napped, that is. The kids keep all 4 adults hopping. (BTW, our new tent from California Beach Company is amazing. So easy to set up!)

Logan went for a relaxing swim, covered in children.

And Ami can already swim across the pool!

That evening, Logan and Pa went into town to track down dinner. They ended up meeting a guy named Jack, who sold them some queen lobster, crab, and spiny lobster, took them on a tour of his brother John’s well-regarded bakery, and told them some off-color stories. Ahem.

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  1. eljoh says:

    Great stuff. Keep it coming. It won’t let me comment after lost.

    But. YAY for great time!!

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