The water is off in the condo today. We were alerted yesterday by means of a note attached to our door. There wasn’t much explanation, just that some unnamed somebody would be working on a water line somewhere in the vicinity of the apartment.

It’s kind of fun, turning the faucet on and seeing nothing come out. Sort of a neat surprise, you know? Like living in bizarro world for a bit. Air comes out of the faucets! I can drink up a tall glass of… nothing! That is, until you realize that you forgot to use last night’s water excess to fill up the bathtub, or even just a large pitcher, and are thus limited to the few liters of water already in the fridge. Brushing my teeth this morning reminded me of travel to places where the tap water isn’t drinkable—dribble water from bottle onto toothbrush, take a swig to rinse mouth, pour a little more water on the toothbrush to clean it.

Hopefully, the water will be back to its normal state by the time I get back from the store. That’s right, folks, I’m going to the STORE. To buy saltines for eating with Thanksgiving gumbo. Even though I’d just as soon spend the rest of my day like Stinky here.

hiding cat


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