I exist! See, what had happened was, first I got sick, which you know. Then I stayed sick for a while. Then, as I am wont to do, I got depressed because all I was doing was being sick, and I need to do things like leave the house occasionally in order not to spiral down into a funky, dark place inside my own head. In there, it’s all worries about money and insurance and health and life and relationships and politics and the FUTURE, and these things all churn and mix and then lay there, fermenting, until evil little bubbles break off and rise to the surface, filling my head with noxious, gaseous depression. So.


I’m back now. I think. Or at least struggling towards being back. Taking the first steps towards being back. Starting today, I’m going to get back on my posting once a day horse. Posting means I need to do something worth talking about, though, so that’s what I really need to get to work on. Today, for instance, my job is to keep going through all of our pictures to see if I find some that are interesting and good enough to put into our yearly calendar. So, that’s where I’ll be, if you need me. Here’s a teaser.

Peppers at the market, Mexico City:

Mexico City Market Peppers

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  1. emc says:

    OMG pepper porn. I’m so glad you’re back. I, too, have been turtling. You should know this: I think about you often, even if you’re not blogging or texting. I think you’re fabulous whether you write or don’t or write boring things (which I don’t think you’re capable of) or thrilling ones. We want to take you to all the places. Wait, should I save this for my super-late Chanukah card? xoxo

    1. Classy Otter says:

      Thank you, Erin. I think about you a lot too, and your good opinion means a lot to me. I miss you. Why don’t we have faster than light travel yet? I mean, we don’t even have the Concorde any more! This is ridiculous.

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