Life is for the living

Well. I’m feeling a need for this outlet again! And it’s because life has bloomed and exploded and grown in ways that have been, at times, hard to synthesize. Or maybe it’s because I got an email that my domain here would expire unless I paid $26, and I don’t want to feel like that…

Keeping Happy on National Furminator Day

Things have been down here lately, so I made up a holiday! Here at Cooptown, we celebrated National Furminator Day by… furminating the cats. Surprise! This is Fatty’s contribution to the festivities, after I’d gathered it all up into a ball. I was allergic to cats as a child, but thankfully grew out of it….


Where the bubbly is plentiful. Logan is cooking up leftovers and pantry stuff and the kitties are most excited to see us. Or smell food. The sunset was gorgeous on the way home.


The water is off in the condo today. We were alerted yesterday by means of a note attached to our door. There wasn’t much explanation, just that some unnamed somebody would be working on a water line somewhere in the vicinity of the apartment. It’s kind of fun, turning the faucet on and seeing nothing…

We’re back

I’ve been sick like a really sick person for the last week. Good timing, right? Just when we go out of town? Here’s hoping I didn’t infect our friends and loved ones. Other than that, we had a lovely Thanksgiving. Oyster Thanksgiving, which is our normal Thanksgiving Eve celebration, had to be moved to Friday…

So much for sleep.

She grumped at her cats, who remained unimpressed and returned to licking themselves while taking up more than a third of the bed. Her husband quietly snored next to her and she wished she could find a rhythm in his breathing that would lull her to sleep. No luck.