Like Saturday, you know, but it was fun, too?

Get it?

Yeah, not much to get. Ah well, you can’t say I didn’t try. You CAN say I didn’t try very hard, which would be fair.

Anyway! Yesterday. We saw Ender’s Game, which was thin but pretty to watch, and then we went to Justine’s for steak frites and a pretty great burger and lots and lots of rose. Then we went back to Crystal and Justin’s house, where marshmallows were toasted over a gas flame and I played with the camera on my new phone. The camera on the iPhone 5s is SO much better than the one on the 4 there’s almost no comparison. It actually takes pictures in low light, for instance!

Toasting Marshmallows

I’m pretty sure the camera on this phone is better than my three-year-old point and shoot.

File under things I’ve learned recently – I’m slowly working my way through that Bill Bryson book about 1927, and I’m now reading about the advent of the talkie. Apparently there were a lot of competing inventors working to bring talking pictures to the masses, but many of the inventors were better at naming their inventions than making them work. One name that stood out to me? Cameraphone. Funny that 75 years or so later, that became the term for a wireless telephone with an integrated camera, which would have been pretty well inconceivable in the 1920’s.


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