The second in my apparently ongoing “cats on my stuff” series again stars the comely, partly white-whiskered Fatty.

fatty on clothes

Now that it’s November, I’m doing the summer/winter closet switch! As soon as Fatty lets me finish by getting the eff off my summer clothes, that is. I’m also simultaneously doing a closet purge, because there are too many of these summery garments that just moved from storage to shelf and back without being worn once.

Also, the photos on this moblog/catblog/journalthing should soon be improving, as we’ve just received our new phones in the mail! WOOHOO! I’m super excited, for a couple of reasons. One, this is the first time we’ve upgraded in three years, so these new iPhones will be a huge jump in quality. Two, we’re switching carriers and are hoping to finally be able to make phone calls from INSIDE THE HOUSE (the calls will be coming from inside the house! Scary! But exciting!)

I did get around to making Eating Asia’s antioxidant tea I talked about yesterday, and man is it good. Super-refreshing and a little spicy. We have about a gallon here, so if you’d like some, stop on by. Call first, though. Or, actually, text first, because who knows how long it will take to port our numbers over to Verizon, and until then we’d have to go outside to take your silly tea-related phone call.


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