Mmm, fall. We’ve finally had a few days in a row that have been almost cool! Austin is funny, though – it’ll look all grey and blustery outside, but actually be humid and in the 70’s. Right now, though, it’s in the low 60’s and I am THRILLED.

Today’s breakfast:



Central Market has started making this lovely whole-wheat loaf they call “breakfast bread.” It’s full of raisins and dates and pecans and apples and is so autumnal and hearty! I spread it with my Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter, which tastes deliciously indulgent and is actually pretty low-cal. I might start stirring that stuff into my coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I’m still in LOVE with our toddy brewer. It makes coffee so easy in the mornings, especially with Logan now leaving between 4 and 5 AM. Rather than make a whole pot and then waste most of it, the toddy lets you make one cup at a time as strong or as mild as you’d like. Plus, it takes a lot of the acid out of the brewed coffee, a plus in our book. I know some people love the super-sour taste of an acidic espresso, but I’ve always liked my coffee creamier and richer.

And the cleanup is just about nil. We only brew a bucketful of concentrate, and thus deal with the grounds once a week or so. No more cleaning out the stupid french press after every cup!

I’m off to Central Market for a little shopping. This afternoon will be laundry and steeping about a gallon of Eating Asia’s antioxidant powerhouse tea. Poor Logan is still sick (he hasn’t had a chance to rest!) and I’m hoping this helps his body fight back.

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