Tokyo: Strawberries, Tsukiji, and MEAT.

Good morning, evening, whatever this fugue state is! Who even knows what time is, anymore. Started the day today at 5, which is definitely better than 3 but still Needs Improvement.

We figured since we were up early, we might as well head to Tsukiji Market. The trains were quiet and mostly empty this morning, and the outer market wasn’t too crazy/busy when we arrived.

The first thing that caught ou eye was a display of the most gorgeous strawberries I’d ever seen. I honestly thought they were plastic, they were so perfect. We saw the vibrant, familiar red variety, as well as a blush-toned one called a white strawberry.

They were so pretty we had to pay 1300 yen for two sticks, one white and one red.

Our plan had been to get coffee first thing, but after the strawberries Ami decided she was actually super duper hungry, so we stopped into an oyakodon place called Toritoh for breakfast. It’s a restaurant owned by a chicken wholesaler that has been doing business since the early 1900s. 


I know, it does seem a little strange to get two chicken and rice dishes for breakfast when we were in the outer ring of the most famous fish market in the world, but… I LOVE oyakodon, and we’re planning to come back to Tsukiji for a sushi breakfast in the next few days, so.

We ordered two dishes, one the traditional oyakodon (in the foreground), with sweet soy, chicken, and egg. The egg cooks when you mix it into the hot rice. The other is the bonjiri-don, with chicken tail meat and a poached egg.

Both were served with a cup of chicken broth, and both were incredible. Ami was a big fan of the chicken tail meat.

After breakfast, we walked through the outer market a bit more. Ami made a few friends.

We stopped in for a cup of coffee at the larger branch of Yonemoto coffee, where Ami was able to get some morning ice cream and Logan and I finally had a much-needed cup of coffee.

We were careful to choose places where we could fit (and that had a bit of room for us to stash our stroller). Many of the eateries looked like this.

There was so much to see, and Ami was really into it. She asked Logan to hold her up close to many of the displays, and she especially enjoyed the live shrimp and clams.

After a long walk, our next stop was at the Market of the Sun, a monthly market at Tsukishima Second Children’s Park. The market had lots of those gorgeous strawberries, along with stands selling all types of other local goods and produce. We saw sake, miso, mountain yams, fish cakes, and on and on.

Logan thought Ami would enjoy the playground at the park… he was right. 

After this market and playground, we all hit a wall. Logan seems to be coming down with something, and Ami is a toddler, and we are just so freaking jet lagged! We barely made it onto the subway train before Ami fell asleep in my arms. And this is a girl who DOES NOT LIKE to go to sleep if she feels she’s missing something. I literally cannot remember the last time she fell asleep in the stroller or when we were out and about. Definitely over a year ago.

We managed to transfer her into the stroller and get her all the way back to the apartment, up in the elevator, out of the stroller and into bed… without waking her. She was OUT.

I set the alarm for three hours later and we all slept. Waking up from the nap today was hard, but not apocalyptic like yesterday.

Since we hadn’t had much of a lunch (oyakodon was at 7:30 this morning), we headed out for an early dinner. Back through Shibuya Crossing, which tested our stroller navigation capabilities.

Dinner was at Han No Daidokoro, a yakiniku (grilled meat) joint where you grill beautiful bits of beef at your table. After perusing their English menu, Logan settled on a set menu that seemed to offer good value.

Look at that beef! The menu included six pieces each of meat, along with mushrooms to grill, as well as a salad, a small relish dish, a piece of beef sushi, noodle soup, a Korean pancake, and lychee sorbet for dessert. Everything was wonderful. I think this meal was a little overwhelming for Ami – she was excited about the tabletop grill, but wasn’t really feeling the food. She was happy with some cheese and snacks we’d brought, and she nibbled on a few bites of meat and some noodles. 

Day Three ( I guess?) down. This trip is FLYING by. Ami has been doing really well, but I do hope our schedules start to fall into place soon, because goodness we are tired. International travel with a toddler hasn’t been as scary and terrible as I’d feared, but it definitely adds a layer of work to everything! On the other hand, I am feeling so much joy in seeing her delight in all of these new experiences, and she’s really surprised me with how well she’s generally done in stressful situations. 

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  1. maxymilano says:

    Japanese food amazing rite? I can all of it, try kobe beef, best meat in Japan…

  2. Marty J says:

    THAT is what you call “marbled” beef!

  3. mhjhnsn says:

    THAT is marbled beef!

    1. Classy Otter says:

      Definitely! We’ve never seen beef like it!

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