Belize: Day 5 Redux

Logan informs me that my numbering system somehow went entirely off the rails and Day Four disappeared into the ether. To him I say, well, maybe I’m just switching my numbering from Julian to Gregorian, you don’t know me, or maybe this is Day 5a, or anyway I meant to do that just to see who was paying attention so BRAVO.

The Real Day 5 was a recovery day because we were all so overheated after the Monkey River tour. Beth and Ami put together an adorable scavenger hunt for me and Logan.

There was a true tropical storm in the morning and we oohed and aahed as sheets of water fell from the sky. When the storm cleared up, Ami and Asa went to splash around on the wet tile until, of course, Asa slipped and bonked his noodle.

In the afternoon, Logan, Beth, and Ami suited up and walked down the beach, looking for treasures. They found all sorts of teeny bits of coral, teeny delicate shells, and even a piece of a turtle shell.

Thank goodness fo recovery days. They are much needed with a 4 year old and an 8 month old, even with four adults for the kids to push around!

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