Osaka: Taking it Easy

Unfortunately, when you’re traveling, somebody is bound to get sick. And today, that somebody was Logan. Poor guy woke up this morning feeling just awful! The rest of us hung around the apartment this morning, resting and/or getting some work done, while he convalesced. In the early afternoon, we left him to get some sleep while we went out for ramen on Dotonbori, one of Osaka’s many shopping and entertainment arcades.

Ami liked the pork and enjoyed some rice, and gave me a big grin when I asked her to smile for Dada.

Kinguemon Dotonbori was also the first one we’d been to where you order from a vending machine in front of the store! Then you bring your tickets inside, where you’re shown to a seat.

After lunch, we explored dotonbori a bit.

We also walked through Kuromon Market, a street full of food stalls. These stalls seemed much less touristy than those in Kyoto. Things were packaged to be eaten right away, rather than transported to faraway places, for instance.

We then returned to the apartment to check on Logan (still not feeling well) and rest some more. We are all pretty tired!

This evening, Logan was actually feeling up to going out, so we all got on a train to head to Shinsaibashi, a huge entertainment district.

The neon outside was pretty overwhelming. So much to look at!

The streets were packed with people. Hawkers called out greetings, lights flashed… it was pretty intense.

We all got a particular kick out of the giant 3-D fiberglass advertisements on the front of many of the buildings. Huge crabs with waving arms, gyoza dumplings, pufferfish, nigiri sushi…

Poor Ami got a bit overwhelmed in her carrier and actually fell asleep! (This was not a good thing, since it is currently 12:30 AM and she is still fighting sleep in the bedroom with Logan.)

We wandered down atmospheric alleyways.

For dinner, Jody found us an amazing okonomiyaki place where they cook the savory, thick pancake righ in front of you. Ami woke up just in time for dinner.

Tomorrow, Jody and Tori take their leave, and Logan, Ami and I head to Nara!

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