Sick pickle

Poor babaloo. We managed to make it ALMOST to a year without babygirl being sick once, but somehow in the last six weeks she’s been sick almost constantly. First one cold, then another, then a stomach bug (possibly the norovirus that I hear is everywhere this winter) and now ANOTHER cold that managed to turn into a double(!) ear infection in less than two days. We’re now on day 6 of the cold and day 4 of the antibiotics, and it’s still Mucus City around here, population 1 fussy, unhappy, not really into sleeping babaloo.  

Having a sick baby is awful, though I’m sure BEING a sick baby is worse. She feels just good enough to want to play, but clearly we can’t go very many places because I don’t want to pass this along to unsuspecting babies. So we’ve been playing in the backyard with occasional walks to the park.   She’s asleep on my chest right now after nursing down (thank goodness for cellphones and the connection they bring to the outside world!). Here’s hoping when she wakes up from her nap she feels a little better. Off to shower. 

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  1. Jenny says:

    Poor baby and poor Mama! Hope she’s soon up to her usual self.

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