I’m an obsessive. But a flighty one. Obviously.

For a while, I was completely involved in this blog. Playing with the format, figuring out the name, deciding what I wanted to post about, et cetera.

After that, I spent a good bit of time futzing around with genealogy. Logan and I did the spit-tests for 23 and Me, and when the results came back I became completely enthralled with tracing out both of our family lineages. The Mormons have a heck of a site if you have any interest in this kind of stuff – it’s called Family Search and gives you free access to most of the papers that Ancestry.com charges $20 a month for.

Then I got ridiculously preoccupied with Duolingo, the language-learning site. I did lesson after lesson of Italian, racking up over 300 individual lessons in the course of a couple of weeks. Yes, I’m still terrified to use any Italian away from my computer.

After that came cat food. Days of cat-food research followed, including narrowing down the best brands and then figuring out a plan for switching our cats over. The one-week cat switch went well, by the way, but I’m still concerned that I should probably have them on wet food instead of kibble.

You’ll probably notice that most of these little infatuations aren’t particularly useful. They’re also generally solitary and computer-based. I wish it were easy for me to turn these weird energies towards something that would bring in money, or better our lives.

The newest one, perhaps, will be more interesting, especially given that there’s an end date. We’re going to Houston for a couple of days at the beginning of April, to celebrate both Logan’s birthday and the successful completion of his job. It would be fun to share the planning process here, but I also want to keep everything secret from Logan, so I’ll just have to wait until afterwards to talk about it.

And right when we get back, I’ll be starting a scoring job. Whee!

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