Triangle Man would eat a more generous repast.

This was going to be lunch. Or, at least, a hearty snack.


And because I’m not really entirely amazing at photography or perspective or whatever, let me explain to you that this is two ounces of liquid. Two ounces of beet/turmeric/oregano/jalapeno/habanero (yes, two spicy peppers, perhaps to clear the sinuses) juice, at a cost to me of $6 including tax and tip. Jeez, Juiceland. I suppose it’s possible there’s a tiny gold flake floating around in there to justify that price, but I certainly didn’t see it.

As a lunch substitute this was a total fail. I ended up at Verts Kebap stuffing a whole doner kebap in my face. This is seriously fine and justifiable, though, because I’m sick! Oh, and also we’re going to see They Might Be Giants tonight and hopefully I’ll feel up to hopping around in a somewhat coordinated manner while they play.

I suppose we shall see.

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