Chicago, with a quickness

This fall has been an absolute doozy. Actually, every month since July has qualified for doozy status. Logan got a job working on a TV show filming in Utah, in one of those classic film business we-need-you-here-like-yesterday-but-twelve-hours-from-now-will-have-to-do-and-are-you-available-for-the-next-six-months-kthxbye hirings. Ami and I stayed in Austin to finish out her summer school semester and then followed him…

Today’s walk?

Huntley Meadows. It’s a reclaimed wetland and was full of kids on school trips as well as lots of geese and ducks. And now I’m on the Metro on the way to the airport and I miss Nana already. See you soon.

My grandparents.

They took these pictures of each other while they were living in Fargo, ND for a year in 1948. My grandmother still talks about how stupid cold it was there.